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Catch the Wave!

Here in at the oldest school site in Santa Cruz, we have created a learning community built on college prep, career training, self-discovery and leadership. As a public school, enrolling at Mission Hill Middle gives students access to more.


Mission Hill provides a
Warm Welcome to Middle School & a bridge to Success in High School.

It's a big transition. We make it easy to succeed with a newly expansive team of Counselors & Mental Health Experts, and a social/emotional learning curriculum that fosters Tolerant, Empowering Environments.


This support, along with connection opportunities in 15+ clubs, varied Athletic Teams, Performing Arts, our Arts Academy Activities & more, we ensure all students are met with open doors & Encouragement.

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Mission Hill has more
Rigorous Academics

At Mission Hill, we believe potential should be met with opportunity. Our College Prep academics include:



Mathematics at Grade-level & Accelerated Pathway   Science Curriculum developed in cooperation with the UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science  /  English Language Arts built to develop college-prep writing & literary analysis  /  Social Studies tied with National Geographic & built to bridge to High School  /  World Language track putting students on the path to our seal of biliteracy  /  Tech Literacy on a foundation of data analysis and computer science.


Mission Hill has more Athletics

We know that sports drive development, self-confidence and cooperation. Our students can apply themselves in one of our many thriving teams:


Cross Country  /  Girls' Basketball  /  Boys Soccer  /  Cheer Team  /  ​Boys' Basketball  /  Girls' Soccer  /  Girls' Volleyball  / 

Wrestling  /  Flag Football​  /  Golf

  Track  /  Boys’ Volleyball  /  Girls’ Softball

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Mission Hill has rich Arts & Opportunities

At Mission Hill, we believe education should aim higher than only academics. Our students have access to a wealth of hands-on artistic and expressive endeavors in which to explore themselves:


Band / Mindfulness / Cooking / Art History & Design / Embroidery / Robotics / Knitting / Choir

Television Production / Multi-Media / 

Woodworking / Ceramics


Mission Hill has more Mental Health Support

As well as a full counseling department, whose counselors provide personal as well as academic counseling, Mission Hill Middle employs a full-time Social Emotional Counselor who serves the student body as a licensed Mental Health Professional.

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Mental Health

Mission Hill has more Connections & more Diversity

As a public school, Mission Hill is built on the belief that not only are all welcome, but that a diversity of perspectives and experiences drives broader and faster development for all students.

Developing minds need variety - they need each other. When a class isn't curated, students have a greater connection to their community and society.


Mission Hill has more Leadership Opportunities

Our bustling community of students, thriving clubs, athletic & performing arts teams, student government body, peer tutoring program & community connections (to local programs, partners and government) empower Mission Hill students with unique opportunities to develop as the leaders of tomorrow.

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