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Family Leadership

Families inform the direction and the culture of Mission Hill Middle. By serving on Site Council or Bond Site Council, you can help ensure our school reflects the priorities and needs of its community.

Site Council

Site Bond Committee

Site Council Member Responsibilities: 

  • Attend and vote at regular meetings

  • Contribute to School Improvement Plan review & revision

  • If funds are available award “mini-grants” to campus programs and teachers on an annual basis 


Site Council Member Rewards: 

  • Hands-on involvement in improving Mission Hill 

  • Networking with other parents and school staff

  • Gain an understanding of school funding

  • Represent parents in determining funding distribution  


If you’re interested, please submit a brief bio or letter stating your interest to the main office.

Facilities Bonds are the only way Mission Hill can secure funds to build, repair, modernize and revitalize our campus.

Since these Bonds are investments from our community, we ensure our families and community has a voice in how they are used.

If you are interested in serving on the Site Bond Committee, to provide input in our ongoing Facilities work, contact the front office!

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